Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let us go to Bethlehem. Let us go with the shepherds and offer our hearts to the Divine Infant.
Bouasse Lebel, Paris pl 989

ROSES OF CHRISTMAS Our humility, our love, our sweetness are like Christmas roses we spread over the creche of divine Jesus.
Bouasse Jeune Pl. 1012

Sunday, November 7, 2010

THE MITE OF THE POOR. There is no need of rich presents to please Jesus; a pure heart will satisfy Him. Bouasse Lebel
Untitled [Gifts to Christ Child]  
decoupage over Bouasse Lebel?

Let us carry our offerings to the creche.
Turgis et Fils, Paris pl. 1020
Fruits of Salvation The Angels collect our virtues and good actions to offer them to Jesus.
Bouasse Lebel 1085
NOËL! NOËL!  The foxes have their dens, the birds of Heaven their nests, but the son of God hath not a place on which to rest his head. St. Luke 9:58  
Bonamy 59

The Offering & The Feast of Letters
O Divine Infant Jesus! I genuflect before your creche. Receive my best wishes on my behalf and on behalf of all who I love.
Bless me, Jesus, and give me your protection.
Anc.e. Maison Ch. Letaille Pl. 570
Boumard et Fils Edit. Pontificaux, Paris